These trends are worth following

Before I start on trends a quick word to say that our new blog home is officially Nothing else changes but it now means that everything is brought under the same domain, store and blog rolled into one which makes life a lot simpler and slicker our end.

So lets talk trends. Do I follow them?  The answer is no I don’t, not really. I pay little attention to what’s in or out, hot or not. In my Spring/Summer collection I’m fiercely championing faux cacti, and everyone keeps asking me how I knew they would be the hot trend of the summer. Answer? I didn’t. It took over a year to develop and I honestly had no trends plan or ear to the ground, I just felt that there was a gap out there. This is how things usually take off for me. In developing my own-label I wanted to create our own micro trends so spent hours (and I mean hours) drilling down into what I gravitate towards, what I love and why. Whilst doing that a whole bunch of… maybe not trends, but definitely themes emerged. I happen to love all of these, and that is the thing. So buy into them by all means but only if they emotionally resonate with you too. Below are what I’m currently loving:


Libraries as décor

I’ve mentioned this before and I’m loving it. This trend has actually gained traction from  hotels (think NYC) where libraries are very much part of the overall scheme simply, because of the vibe they give off. They make a space feel cosseted and cosy, but at the same time sophisticated. They give it some swank. There is something soothing about being surrounded by books. I’m so excited about how libraries are making a comeback despite the growth of e-books, and I’m the biggest fan. My studio doubles up as a library and I love.



Low Tech

We live in a high tech world so I feel there is a huge desire for things to slow down, hence the popularity of magazines like Kinfolk. It’s a back to basics vibe that you can have in life, eating, entertaining and definitely at home too. Something simple like big old baths with no gizmo’s or spa treatments, just a tap, a tub a bit of scented oil and a big white fluffy towel. Nice!


Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 11.54.27

Painterly Rugs

A trend also coming out of the States is painterly rugs. The kind that look like Monet has just gotten his hands on them. I’m such a fan of rugs for softening a space, and I’m always banging on about adding some motif or pattern to break up the grid system of our rooms. I’m really into Marc Phillips rugs – the arty, visually fluid patterns are perfect.


smoked glass trend home trends 2015

Smoked glass 

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say this is the comeback kid of 2015 I reckon. I don’t know if you guys remembered how naff smoked glass was once perceived as being. Well now it’s back, except it’s glammed up, and really cool. It’s the partnering it with some beautiful metals that does the trick I reckon like this stunning side table.

Hope everyone has a fabulous Thursday. It is pouring like anything right now and I’m about to venture off for an outdoor swim. I must be crazy. Wish me luck!


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