The thing I love about travel (flying not included here) is it takes you out of your normal routine and life. It makes you (or me at least) analyse things and there is nothing I find more fun than brainstorming with Gem on balmy Asian nights new ways to turn around the biz whilst sipping something cooling! We come back with so many ideas, plans and strategies its mind boggling.

Talking of turning things around when it comes to interiors I think we could all do with shaking them up a bit. Like using actual tables as night stands.

Say what you may ask?

Night stands or bedside tables happen to be one of my pet peeves. I have seen very few, actually none that I like. They always look and feel small, conventional, boring!

However if you use a desk as a nightstand or a dining table as a nightstand or a console as nightstand as I have done it changes the whole aesthetic of your room. Not only will your space look grander, cooler and way more interesting it will get tongues a wagging.

Clever no?


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