Before I kick start today’s post a super big thank you to my lovely Design Class on Saturday I had a blast so thank you guys for attending.

You know that feeling when you walk into a room and it’s either not quite working or needs a change around? But you don’t know exactly how and you don’t want to spend the earth to fix – then check out a few of these ideas. Simple, game changing and cheap!

Create a large-scale vignette

We are obsessed with these here at AA. Large-scale botanical arrangements using our blossoms/foliage’s and branches immediately adds wow factor. Not only does it immediately create a jaw on the floor effect but also the wildness takes it to a whole other level as it injects instant casual elegance. Fabulous in living areas, dining rooms and bedrooms.

Re-do and style a nook

Look at certain areas like say the tops of dressers, consoles or a small seating zone and restyle them or add more stuff. Every area i.e. every nook is styled in this house. I know that makes me sound super designer-y but it makes everything look so much cooler.

Move your furniture around

I haven’t spoken about this for a while but changing up the furniture, say moving the sofa away from the wall and floating it in the middle of the space, or putting a chair at an angle makes such a big difference. Forget the rules and go for unexpected combos – it will bring instant individuality to your space.

Remove the doors

In this house there are no doors, apart from the bathrooms and bedroom. Every other one has come off and it means my spaces feel so much bigger it’s the simplest way to create ambiance. Promise!

Angle a rug

I do this quite a bit, move rugs from one room to another, angle them, layer and overlap them. Experiment its fun and easy.

Give it a coat of paint

Paint is the most transformative thing you can do to any room, period! It’s the cheapest thing, the most radical thing and its so game changing. Spring is the perfect time to do a bit of revamp I think so think outside the box and paint your walls, floors, furniture in some tantalising hues. Talking of which I am super excited and beyond delighted to announce that Homebase are now stocking our paints. It’s getting easier and easier to convert to the darkside, yay hay!

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