Unexpected styling tips

Unexpected styling tips

The hugest thank you for all your amazing comments about our new store. The team and I have been blown away by the response. We’ve been utterly overwhelmed, flattered and delighted to be honest be the response its been incredible so thank you guys. We are now taking on more people to help out our rapidly expanding biz. Sometimes just occasionally I feel like I am on this run away train we’re growing bigger and bigger at break neck speed and just when I think we’re in control some other amazing opportunity presents itself and off we go again. Talking of which today I officially begin work on the new global collection. I am telling you guys because I can be known to procrastinate and turn things over in my head and agonise about every little thing for far too long – say a handle on a cabinet for instance. However I have the hugest collection to design in a very short time frame so I have to get off the fence and begin the drawings. Gem and I have nailed the concept (hugely excited about that) now its down to the nitty gritty hair pulling days of designing tables, sofas, chairs, consoles, side tables, vases, lighting, textiles, case goods, storage – shall I go on because I have the list propped up on my computer right now and its causing heart palpitations!

Enough about my day here’s a question that I ponder time and time again – why do you think so many places are so underwhelming? Never before has there ever been so many amazingly cool products on the market and yet why are some many homes so boring. Here’s my theory – they are over planned, over thought and therefore a little expected and dull.

I’ve bought all the pieces for this pad having no idea where they would go. Same with the products for the store I buy and that I design I never know where anything will go until I go in and place it. You see I am more interested in designing things that I love and then creating a relationship and narrative between the different products and objects.   I rarely stick to or follow a scheme or concept. I mean I do have an initial idea of how things will look (for instance planning out the new store) but it’s a constant work in progress and is always being tweaked.

Here are my go to tips for adding some unexpected style into your pad:


Add a spare chair… one that doesn’t relate to anything else going on in the space. So in my lower ground I’ve got a concrete rocking chair, in the bedroom a wingback wrapped in bus route fabric, in the studio a tweed velvet armchair with piping. It ups the interest level.


We all know that colour is the coolest most transformative thing you can do to anything right from walls to painted furniture. Try and go outside of your comfort zone – it truly is life changing once you cross the threshold and try something completely different. When I was developing my paint range I was originally a bit nervous about Mulberry Red (shown above), but now I adore it! I’ve used it on every hallway and landing in my pad, and in the new store too.


Andrea Ferrari, Architectural Digest Spain


One of the easiest simplest ways to add character, beauty and texture into your pad is to start decorating with plants. Small ones, tall ones it doesn’t matter. Once you elevate them off the floor onto a console or bench you’ll make a lot more impact.



Be a bit unexpected and irreverent with lighting, and look for new places to lighten up! Hang a chandelier over a kitchen island, or fix a wall mounted light to the outside of a bookcase, or plop a floor lamp on a table. It adds an immediate element of whimsy.



Go for a statement wall finish: antique mirrored panels, faux stone, slate, brick or concrete will add instant texture and interest. Not only that, they are a beautiful way to perk up a small area or awkward nook.

I realise this is quite a random way of thinking for a lot of people but I truly believe that this is the difference between creating an OK interior and one that looks and feels fabulous. Obviously you need the basics (seating areas, working areas, lighting scheme etc.) but in order to knock it out of the park you have to let your mind run loose and not be too formulaic. The more unexpected and free you are with your styling, the more fabulous the space!

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