Up the Saturation Level!

Domaine Home a little while back ran a feature on saturated interiors which I adored!  Rooms heavily punctuated with intense colours that leap out at you. You have to have quite a bit of confidence to pull such a look off but when you get it right there is no going back. Below are some tips on how to get it right!

Chose saturated hues with depth

As cool as that bright orange might look on a pillow it may not feel quite so cool on your walls because the impact will be so much stronger. It’s why I am such a fan of muddy bottom of the lake type hues such as greys, browns, blacks they work so much better than really super bright hues on walls I find.


When you wander from room to room no matter if you live in a small apartment or a palace it’s important to consider how your colour palette flows from room to room, and sits together. You might want it not to flow you might have a dark hallway and a light living room; there is no wrong or right. For me and this is personal I plump for a continuous harmonious flow. I add elements of surprise through accessories not paint colour – but again this is personal!

Ignore trends

Don’t get caught up in what’s hot or what’s not. Someone asked me recently what happens when dark colours are no longer seen as cool or of the moment. My reply – I painted my house out in them when they weren’t perceived as cool. I don’t worry if something is in or out. I love moody hues; I am obsessed with them I’m not suddenly going to cross back over to the light side, unless I’ve been taken over by an alien?

Colour Block

Yes you totally can just check out this apartment in the side-show, Who would have thought a black wall combined with a pink wall, spilt down the middle with a yellow line would work. It does!  The trick to throw your spaces out of the park –  combine darks with brights or soft feminine hues. Genius!

Up the anty with pattern

Highly saturated interiors don’t have to be full of solid hues, as Nicky Tibbles has shown so beautifully in her West London home (see side-show). The trick with pulling off this look is to unify it by tying in the colour palette between the patterns! I adore this space

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