Wall Decor

I am sticking to  my most recent campaign  (adding personality to walls) if you don’t mind  for one more day only, as very recently we received through the post the most beautifully shot images of my sister’s pad which pretty much encapsulates everyting I was banging on about yesterday.Many of us seem to come to a stand still when it comes to wall décor, we paint the walls,  redo the kitchen, buy a ton of soft furnishings and for some reason or other ignore our walls. And yet putting stuff onto walls is what adds the personality the wow factor all of which is illustrated below.

One supersized picture on an inky grey wall is pretty much all you need.

Gem and Russ’s hallway is like walking into the most beautiful gallery – you want to linger, take in the artwork and just hang out. The wallpaper as mentioned yesterday simply hangs from two bulldog clips.

Shelves are just as fabulous as art – these ones from Ikea have been boxed out in MDF and the painted the same hue as the walls so they seem super gallery esq.

The odd fab letter and a picture is pretty much all you need to add some zest to your walls.

Clocks and  bikes are also a pretty fab way of adding personality you don’t just have to stick to art. Thats me done campaign over – happy weekend everyone.

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