Wallpaper, back in a big way

Wallpaper,    it used to be a  style no no for yonks and now its back in Vogue in a big way. Its one of the easiest ways to add depth, texture and intrigue to a wall which you just don’t get with paint. You could go the whole hog and paper the whole room or you could do a feature wall. I know feature walls are sneered at by some but I actually don’t have a problem with them. On a wall behind a bed instead of a headboard for instance fine by me – framed by mouldings and actually made to look like an artwork also fine by me. The trick I would say if contemplating a feature wall is to tie in the paint colour so you don’t get such a complete contrast – white walls, and a feature bold wall of paper in my book is a big no no, purely because that contrast is to harsh to ever feel relaxed in. Better to marry the whole colour and tie in the paint with the paper. A couple of images to inspire not sure where the paper is from but its bold, its blingy and its quite fabulous. Photography by Ton Leighton.

Before I go I must say that my masterclass in Sydney  on Sunday 14th has sold out, there are still some spaces left on Monday 15th but spaces are getting pretty booked up  and Melbourne on the 13th is also very close to being also sold out, so incredible thanks guys to all of you who have booked cannot wait to meet you all!

I need coffee ASAP,   didn’t get much sleep last night so much stuff in my head worrying my mind, not helped by either Maud or Mung’s who take up the hugest amount of space for two little people (sorry dogs). Have a lovely weekend x


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