Want to decorate like a pro

Thank you guys for all your warm words of encouragement yesterday, most kind and it’s given me a lift! Yesterday we ironed out a lot so I feel back on it today which is good, it’s been a rollercoaster though I will share in a biz column shortly! Today Gem and I are early into the store with more fabulous new stuff arriving and then back to the studio to work through all our to-do lists.

Question: is it possible to decorate like a pro if you’re a newbie to the design world? Answer: YES. The trick is to make sure whatever you’re styling looks like it’s was meant to be there, oh and of course as always you’ll need a big dollop of confidence. Pro designers don’t do bland rooms (or at least they shouldn’t!).

Here are my some of my favourite pro tips:


Overdose on texture The visual and tactile impact that texture has on your décor is incredible. Remember you’ll be needing to create friction by the way so mash up those surfaces and don’t have everything the same. I think where people tend to go wrong is to not add enough of the rough with the smooth, so chuck in some rustic roughly-hewn wood, baskets, seagrass matting that kind of stuff. It makes such a difference.


Control the colour When it comes to styling mantlepieces, shelves, consoles and tables steer away from too many hues. It will make your scheme feel far more glam if you restrict that palette! How many times do I say that hey, forgive me the repetition but it really is the best styling secret I can give you.


Get intense Talking of colour how about upping the saturation level. Rooms heavily punctuated with intense hues leap out at you and the results are AMAZING, inviting and unapologetically glam.



Up the verticals By that I mean add pieces that are tall into your styling. Supersized art, flowers, tall skinny mirrors… no matter how high or low your ceilings this will really up the impact.


Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 14.33.52

Think in threes A trio of objects always works, whether you’re arranging accessories, pillows, flowers, or vases. It’s simple, easy and the results are always fabulous. Take a peek at our new own-label Finn vases above – fabulous in threes, and coming to store very soon!

Donezo, easy no?

Right I’m off to the store, have a fabulous day.



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