I am a matt paint junkie. I’m totally and utterly obsessed with the finish – the chalkier and velvetier the better. Someone asked me recently why my paint doesn’t come in a gloss finish – it’s the mattest possible emulsion, and even the floor paint and eggshell are less glossy than your usual. Well quite simply, it’s because I adore matt paint. You know I love to get up on my soapbox so I thought I’d try to explain my obsession!




So why do I love it so much? Well firstly matt finishes makes everything look plush. It’s supremely luxurious and magical.Objects, artwork – everything you have looks better and cooler when framed against a matt background – like plopping it on a velvet pillow. Spaces feel dreamy and beautiful. Particularly for me where I paint everything out in one shade – my aim is to knock back things like shelves, radiators and built-ins so it all blends into one. This is where matt textures come into their own.




It will add a softness you won’t find anywhere else. Glossy finishes are quite harsh (dare I say gaudy!). Don’t get me wrong there’s always a time and a place for high octane drama, but not through the whole pad for me. If you want your walls to whisper softly and cocoon you, it’s all about matt. Matt finishes are like dipping your walls in velvet which is why I never worry going dark black, blue, grey, green, chocolate brown because I know they’ll feel so rich and comforting. These same hues in a different finish would be a totally different ball game. There’s a world of difference trust me between a matt black emulsion and a high-gloss black – both could work in the right scheme but they are worlds apart.




Don’t be scared of using it in high-traffic areas either. It can actually take the battering, even in hallways or stairways. Unfortunately any walls with nicks or bumps look terrible if painted out in a semi gloss or gloss as the light reflects and exposes every little imperfection – particular problem for those of us in old or period properties. We might love their quirks, but that’s no reason to shine a big spotlight on them! Matt finishes are a greater masker of marks. Even with two boistorous dogs and lugging furniture, samples and sometimes giant cactus in and out of the hallway, it bears up OK. Plus you can always retouch small little areas, you don’t ever have to repaint the whole thing.




Finally, matt walls won’t just make your home and decor look better… they’ll make you more gorgeous too. Promise! It’s like living in a permanent Instagram filter when you decorate with matte paints – they diffuse the light so beautifully. Fuzzing out in some corners, creating shadowy nooks in others. Personally I couldn’t live any other way!

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