Having lived in America for a few years I’ve still kept some Americanisms. It drives my team mad, and I know I’ve been called out about it on the blog too! The main culprits are as follows: cell phone, Fall, tablescapes and entryways. I’m not sure why these particular words and not others have stuck around on my radar. I guess I must have been saying them constantly or that I actually prefer the American version. Oh, and I muddle the order of dates too. People are always telling me off for saying Fall and not Autumn and cell phone not mobile but there you go – one advantage of being the boss is you can do what you darn well like!

So let’s talk entryways today please. Why are these so neglected do you think? They are after all the first impression you and your guests get of your pad so why not make them the coolest. I think if we all take a cue from Stateside and consider them the entrance to our home – the grand unveiling – then they might end up a tad cooler than just being a neglected corridor or hallway. So here’s how to ramp up the drama in this space:


As this space is such a transitional area you can up the ante with colour or wallpaper – be dramatic I say!



Something that more or less sets the tone for your whole space and intrigues the eye. This could be some cool art, a fab lamp whatever you want. I’ve got a convex mirror, gold table, shaggy lamp, huge cactus, wire wardrobe and lots of scent. Nailed!




Photograph: Daniella Witte


I’ve only just recently done this, but adding the Tinto wardrobe to my hallway has made such a difference. It was a result actually of expanding up the team, as we have more and more people joining the company the space for coats, bags and who knows what else has been a little lacking so I’ve adding a wardrobe to my entryway. It keeps clutter off the floor and contains it. The best thing is that it’s a wire frame so you can see straight into it and its not a blocky, boxing wardrobe that drains the energy. Newest, latest obsession!

If you don’t have space for a wardrobe then a clothes rail or cool row of hooks to house coats and hats equally does the trick. Also baskets, trunks and decorative boxes are great to stash stuff, kids stuff, dogs stuff your stuff again getting the clutter behind closed doors makes the space immediately cooler.


I like creating a bit of drama in the hallway and giving guests a little glimmer of what’s to come. Often things you’ll find in my hallway you’ll find elsewhere in the house also like shaggy table lamps, convex mirrors and lots of plants. It’s OK to repeat things you love – think of it as the amuse bouche for your house!



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