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Take a tour of Abi's Kitchen

In celebration of our 20 years of decorating differently, Abi is giving us a full tour of her fab pad.  First up is the heart and hub of the home, the kitchen. 

I love cooking, correction, I’m obsessed with cooking. I read cookbooks like novels and love to plan my recipes, so my kitchen is a place where I unwind at the end of a busy day or where I tend to spend a lot of time hanging out on the weekend

Abi x 

My Kitchen.... before 

When I first bought the house, the downstairs was a series of 5 small interconnecting rooms.  We immediately opened it up into one large living space so that we could feel a connection with the outside too.  As you can see by the pics, the space underwent a few transformations before I landed on the design I have today.  

Creating the hub of the home. 

The kitchen was designed in collaboration with Herringbone Kitchens, with the key features being a large kitchen island, an integrated pantry and no wall cupboards.   It's been painted in one of my favourite hues, pickle, and not just the cabinetry, the whole room, so it all feels pretty seamless when you're hanging out or prepping.  I've also used dark silestone worktops as a dramatic contrast as well as a feature wall with another one of our own range paints, Hudson Black. 

Making the kitchen work for me. 

I love to cook, I read recipe books as if they were novels, the kitchen is my happy place.  With this bonkers biz, it's my sanctuary, somewhere I can retreat to at the end of a crazy day, which is why I have decorated it as if I would my living space.  Not only does it make this notoriously sterile room feel more integrated with the rest of the house, but I also feel connected to the space as a whole.  It's amazing to hang out in.  I love spending time here and getting the design right was key.  Being open plan there had to a be a synergy between other areas of the room and to be a foil to express myself exactly like I would in the living room.

Drilling down to the details. 

There are a lot of decorative pieces mixed in with more functionality. It’s the heart of my home and my large kitchen island is probably the place I hang out the most.  It houses my hob and I've styled it so that all of my lovely rustic tableware is on show and not hidden away, it's all at hand, ready for me to whip up a storm. My kitchen pantry is also within easy reach and I love how organised everything is, jar-laden shelves filled with all of my cooking essentials and my coffee machine which can all be nicely hidden away behind closed doors when not in use. 

Integrating your kitchen 

The more you accessorise your kitchen the more integrated it will feel. One of the biggest tips I can give you is to pile stuff in there that you wouldn't normally think of. Not just rugs, but paintings, a spare chair, an extravagant light, pieces that you would normally put in your living rooms.  I have table lamps on most of my surfaces and of course an abundance of faux botanicals.  Gem has made me a fabulous arrangement that sits on my kitchen island, it's made with some of my favourite stems in hues that contrast well with my decor. 

Abigail Ahern - Kitchen Tour

Take the tour with Abi as she talks you through her kitchen design and how it has evolved over the years.

Abi's Kitchen Highlights 

Smatter some AA magic in your kitchen to create an inspiring hub, somewhere to nourish your body and soul. 


Pickle Paint


Sonoma Dining Table 


Todi Chandelier


Poher Vase


Tropic Mugs


Bulut Vinyl Flooring


Brighton Stool


Trailing Dischidia

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