Decor Trends

Transition into the New Season with Style with the Decor Trends were loving right now. 

Transition into the New Season with Style with the 

Decor Trends were loving right now. 


From ta-da botanicals (think seedheads, drooping blades ornamental grasses and perforated pods) to rounded silhouettes and artisanal handcrafted objects.

Bring the 

Outside In

Not just for summer blooms,  fill vases with dried grasses and seed heads that pack a natural punch and create a harmonious vibe connecting us to the outdoor landscape.

Fern Cream

Moss Branch

Fern Bush - Rust

Catkin Cream


Feathery heads, floaty stems and puffs of textural detail that are both ethereal and structural the perfect finishing touch. 

Curve Appeal

Break up any harsh lines and create aesthetic flow by adding soft cocooning curves.

Dewitt Side Table

Hambleton Chair

Debden Table

Wilton Tray

Handmade and Artisan

It seems more of us are embracing slow, conscious living and celebrating the raw simplicity and honest textures that are so synonymous with artisanal creations. 

Cassius Urn

Fallun Wall Hanging

Breu Resin Incense

Reagan Vase


Look at plants in the same way as you would any other accessory. Think about their shape, colour and texture, and above all, play about with scale 

Indoor Gardening

Houseplants continue to grow (pardon the pun) in popularity. Adding a lush pop of green creates a harmonious vibe, connecting us to the outdoors. 

Hanging Dragon Plant

Senecio Cineraria

Echeveria Grus

Trailing Succulent

Final Thoughts

I love how these trends are not only celebrating natural elements, but reflecting our desire to live a more slower considered life with laid back living vibes.  Inspiring us to create cocooning interiors and home that fills you with squishy contentment as soon as you put your key in the door.  Ultimately it's about how you feel in your home and surrounding ourselves with considered colours, textures patterns and accents that evoke immense personal pleasure.

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