Reclaim your Weekend - 

Turn your Bathroom into a Spa-like Retreat.


How to turn your bathroom into a spa-like restorative haven. 

How to turn your bathroom into a spa-like restorative haven. 

'Reclaiming your Weekend' and making the most of your downtime at home. Allowing you to not only recover from your busy week but to also rejuvenate and prepare you for the next. 

The bathroom is a perfect place to start as taking time for self-care is so important for our wellness. 

With this in mind, we've put together some tips to turn your space into a zen like retreat that will encourage you to take time to fully recover, revive and restore.

A walk in shower with black tadelakt walls, a lwooden ladder for towels and artificial plants.


Creating Ambience.

Lighting is a crucial factor in creating the right ambience and feel to any room. Although it has to be super practical in a bathroom it's important to be able to tone it down too. Adding a dimmer switch to your main lights is a game-changer, but you can also create calming pockets of glow by using candles and portable LED lamps. Pop them next to your sink or at the side of your bath to help you create a tranquil mood.

A close up of a glass LED lamp next to some dried flowers and a paper cache bowl filled with waffle textured flannels

Match your lamp to your mood and decor, check out some of our versatile LED lamps, complete game changers in creating soft ambience, no plug point required.





A dark bathroom with tadelakt walls, artificial plants in baskets and a shaggy wool rug

"The best thing about faux plants is that they’ll carry on looking gorgeous, even in little windowless bathrooms."

The Beauty of Botanicals.

Creating privacy in a bathroom normally means that we diffuse or block any natural light which is not ideal for most plants. So why not 'go faux'! Adding pops of greenery with plants and foliage and natural elements like dried arrangements really helps to connect us to nature and promote feelings of calm and serenity.

Hanging Dragon Plant

Senecio Cineraria


Trailing String of Pearls

AA Styling Tip

 I decorate my bathroom as I would my living room, and don’t worry about using “conventional” bathroom furniture.  As soon as you get away from that, the more fab and exciting your bathroom will become. 

Savvy Storage.

Having enough, as well as the right kind of, storage in your bathroom really helps to create an uncluttered and organised zen like space. It could be a ladder for towels, a wooden tray for face cloths or beautiful baskets for cotton wool and other everyday items that might not be so pleasing to the eye. Being organised not only looks good but feels good too.

Tikovina Ladder

Kela Basket

A decorative wooden ladder in a bathroom draped with a  brown linen throw
A round decorative tray with a small brass dish containing bath salts, next to some wildsmith skincare serum

Super Scent. 

Never underestimate the power of scent, it's such a game changer.  When you walk into a space that is already scented it makes such a difference to your mood.  Create that heavenly scent that we associate with relaxing spa's by regularly using incense sticks, pyres and candles in your bathroom, their intoxicating aromas linger in the air long after they've been extinguished.

Dusk Incense Pyres

Palo Santo Incense Sticks

AA Styling Tip

You don't always need to be practical!

When you add pieces that are not necessarily associated to the bathroom it gives it more of a luxury spa hotel feel. Side tables and stools are perfect for adding height for plants or somewhere to pop your bathing essentials or maybe even a glass of bubbles! 
A dark bathroom with black tadelakt walls, a large round mirror sits above a black concrete rectangular sink .which is next to an artificial plants and stems of mimosa.

Sanctuary Vibes.

Bathrooms can be sometimes a little overlooked. We're good at spending time searching out all the practical stuff (tub, taps, tiles) and not so good at finding those all-important elements that turn them into a sanctuary.  Cosy them up with tantalising textiles, fabulous lighting and those all important furniture and accessories that you may not associate with the bathroom.  Think of it like decorating your living room to take it from sterile and super practical to your very own spa like retreat

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