The Classic Meets Cool Dining Room

Uplift your dining space with our selection of timeless dining room furniture and  stylish accessories in soft cocooning hues.

Uplift your dining space with our selection of timeless dining room furniture and  
stylish accessories in soft cocooning hues. 

The coolest of tables, the most sumptuous of chairs and the softest palette.


meets Cool

When gathering around the table is a favourite activity dining areas need to feel warm, inviting and cosy.  Get the basics right by using a beautiful hue on the walls (and ceiling of course!), and dining room furniture that pairs functionality and style all at the same time.

Paint with

The perfect backdrop to create a dining area that feels soft, warm and cocooning.  Drizzle is a gentle soft hue with the subtlest of undertones.

Get Comfy

In a plush charcoal velvet style, sculpted to perfection.

Laid Back Elegance

Made from fir wood and 

finished off with an intriguing parquet pattern, 


One of the easiest ways to craft a super cocooning space is to layer in décor at different heights, mix in natural materials that are soft to the touch and choose a palette that literally makes you want to hug the room 

Get the Look

Style with our timeless pieces from a dinner set that celebrates simplicity with organic shape to lighting that adds the perfect finishing touch and the softest glow. 

Truman Stoneware Dinner Set

Fabric Drongo Pendant - Umber

Marilla Wine Glass

Leucospermum Bush

Modina Vase

Olive Tree

Finishing Touches

A rustic vase with feathery fronds of dried grasses

 adds a touch of drama to a dark corner

 and echoes the soft hues of the tablescape, 

pulling the look together.  

Kaya Vase

Feather Grass

Savannah Table

Perfectly Paired with the

Adding a huge dollop of 

Texture and Pattern