Weekend Wellness with Lillie


With the launch of our fabulous yoga ladies we'll dive into each of their yoga asana (pose) and check in on Abi's wellness journey. 

With the launch of our fabulous yoga ladies we'll dive into each of their yoga asana (pose) and check in on Abi's wellness journey. 

When did we all get so busy (again)? It makes keeping up good habits especially hard, but nourishing you body, exercising and sleeping well is a good place to start.

Meet Lillie

Yoga Pose: Lotus.

An important foundational pose in yoga. It's known to calm the mind and prepare you for deep seated meditation whilst stretching the knees, ankles, and hips, and also strengthening the spine and upper back. 


We love Lillie, her open pose and textural curves that symbolise harmonious calm. She serves as our daily reminder to take 5, and breathe deep.

Sometimes with my bonkers biz it's hard to get motivated, but I have really made a conscious effort to push myself and my energy levels have definitely improved.

Break into a Sweat:

Inspo from Abi's fitness journey.

"Since January, I’ve really tried to get into exercise and I try to work out 4 times a week. Generally I’ll rebound with weights and I tend to use both Bellicon.com and Sanfran fitness for workouts."  

" I’m also (although this is super recent) getting into barre exercises which I am really enjoying by glo.com.com. "

Abi's 3 tips to staying motivated:

Tip 1

Get your work-out clothes out ready the night before so you don't have to search or think about them.

Tip 2

Knowing that I can devour my breakfast smoothie as soon as I've finished gives me something to look forward to.

Tip 3

Following a work out ensures that I do the full 40 minutes rather than my inner voice telling meI've had enough after 10 minutes!

Recipes in the week for me have to be super speedy and nutrient rich. Things I can whip up quickly are packed with flavour and most importantly are easy to execute.  

For the Home: 

Encourage wellness in your pad.

Making sure our home serves our physical and emotional needs is a large factor in supporting our wellness journey. Dedicating a special corner to create a relaxing nook for you to take some time to be with your thoughts, read or meditate can have a big impact. Make it inviting by layering it up with enticing textures, add in some ambient lighting, some scent and somewhere to pop a cuppa, and voila - you have a special place - just for you. Even just 10 minutes a day will get you on the right track to introducing moments of calm into your everyday.

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