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There’s a flower for everybody! At AA HQ, we’ve been having fun delving into the history of flower symbolism and the ancient language of flowers, to play match-maker with a different bloom for every personality. (I’m a cosmos loving Capricorn, by the way!).

Find your perfect match below – or perhaps surprise someone with a personalised bouquet for Valentine’s Day?



21 January – 19 February


The Aquarius is creative, free-spirited and likes an element of mystery; they’re a perfect match with the shady meadow flower.




 20 February – 20 March


The wild flower is carefree and easy going, able to thrive in any environment. Just like the Pisces, who is adaptable, open-hearted, generous and affectionate.




21 March – 20 April

raspberry rose is dazzling and full of vibrant energy. Nothing less will do for the Aries, who is confident, fierce, takes the lead and enjoys adventure.




21 April – 21 May


The sweet pea has historically been used to symbolise thankfulness and appreciation. Perfect for the Taurus who loves the finer things in life, including beauty, pleasure, and comfort.




22 May – 21 June


The Gemini is energetic, practical and often plays the peace-maker. Like Hidcote Lavender, they have a healing and soothing presence on those around them.


22 June – 22 July


The Cancer is intuitive, warm, and sympathetic. The delicate buds of the Gelda suit Cancerians’ sensitive and romantic personality.




23 July – 22 August

The name aster is derived from the Greek word “star”, which suits the Leo to a tee! Leos alway seem to be the centre of attention, and they are confident, unfussy, and fun-loving.




23 August – 23 September


The Virgo is clear minded, sophisticated and organised. Virgos will be charmed by the understated elegance of the ranunculus.




24 September – 23 October

Beautiful hydrangea blooms are like the Libra – balanced, stable, and always in harmony. The delicate petals of the hydrangeas also match the Libra’s gentle and thoughtful side.




24 October – 22 November

The Scorpio is powerful and passionate, but also loyal and resourceful. The full shape and bold elegance of the allium flower perfectly matches the Scorpio’s fierce personality, and it has also traditionally been used to symbolise patience and unity.



23 November – 21 December

The Sagittarius is open minded, full of energy, and has a multi-dimensional personality, just like the peony with it’s beautifully layered petals. The peony also brings good luck, which works wonders for the ambitious Sagittarius.



22 December – 20 January

The Capricorn is determined and independent, with a great attention to detail. The chocolate brown cosmos is uniquely beautiful, and also used to represent order – something that will always be welcomed by the secure and strong-willed Capricorn!

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