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First up, a big massive apology for the blog troubles of last week. Some of you I know check in daily (which I am so grateful for, by the way) and I realise that to see it down every day was a major major bummer. Believe me, I know! It was an incredibly frustrating and scary experience with the whole blog database going offline – we couldn’t get into the back end either, totally kaput. So if you’ve all been cursing your computers and thinking there was something wrong with your machine or internet – nope. It’s not you, it’s me. And we’re really sorry about it. We had some hacker scare with a huge database growing in the back end, but after working non-stop with the hosts in California (and some seriously antisocial West Coast hours of phone calls), we’re back up and running. So thanks a gazillion for sticking with us, and I must say it’s good to be back!

Over the next few weeks I’m going to try and give you extra posts to make up for it, and I’m concentrating on how to turn your pads around. I’ve penned lots of blog posts detailing how to pull off fabulous living and dining spaces, entry ways, bedrooms and gardensI happen to think I’ve got the coolest pad on the planet (sorry, I know it’s not modest but I would say that). What’s more I think everyone else should have the same. On an emotional level and an intellectual level this house inspires tantalises and comforts me. I love it and I think having a beautiful interior really does affect how you feel in a space.

Before we commence I want to make a few points. My main one is all to do with confidence. Confidence is fundamental. It’s the main ingredient that is going to change your life, your home, your business. Trust me I didn’t use to have that much confidence at all. I still question things a lot, but one thing I stand firm on now is my design choices. It’s so easy to get overwhelmed and then we typically opt out and lose our way, because we convince ourselves it won’t work. Don’t fall down that rabbit hole I say – stay confident.

You won’t get the coolest pad on the planet if you follow trends and not listen to your heart. It’s your home so figure out what makes your heart skip a beat and stick to it. Remember decorating is as much about what you feel than what you see. Be brave and follow your gut. You can’t decorate a space in one night. There isn’t one shop (not even mine, sadly) whereby you can get everything you want for your home in one hit.

It takes time, you’ll need a little patience – my pad has been created over years of trotting all over the globe, pulling pieces from different eras. What has really turned it around though is having the confidence within myself. Sometimes things I buy don’t always work out or go where I originally imagined them to go. Don’t let that put you off. This kind of decorating isn’t decorating my numbers, it’s hard. It will tax you and challenge you and you will make mistakes. If you have oodles of confidence though you’ll be able to deal with those mistakes learn from them and get better. I hope these posts inspire you over the next few weeks to take a few risks, break some boundaries and think outside of the box.

Happy decorating.

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