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I fundamentally believe that it’s crucially important to learn something new every day. Knowledge is power as they say, the more you learn the more you thrive.

Staying curious is key – I always want to do things better, I always want to look for new ideas, research new concepts – things that will benefit my business – set it apart and make it look and feel different.

I dedicate time to reading or listening every day. I have a stack of books by my bedside, which I dip in and out of all the time and I am constantly reading books by influencers as well as industry blogs. Basically I’m always learning and discovering new things.

When I walk the M’s I listen to podcasts, mostly business podcasts from Monocle. I love hearing and learning about other people’s journeys in business, what’s worked what hasn’t – it expands my horizons and made me think broader, taller and wider (if that makes sense?)

Motivational thoughts, concepts, an idea, a phase that inspires a strapline on the website or a window– all these come from constantly staying curious.

I’m constantly wanting to re-tool myself, I think if you don’t you can’t and won’t stay relevant. It’s not a chore, it’s a pleasure. What’s more it drives my business forward so make sure a tiny bit of your day involves learning something new.

Oh and create an action plan of all your ideas. I have the longest list – not that I can implement them all straight away – often times I need to find ways to finance them and build upon them but they’re constantly there. Having these dreams, ideas and long-term goals simmering away keeps me on my toes and it gets me excited every day. Isn’t that what it’s all about?


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