Dining rooms can be quite tricky to get right, and a bit overwhelming if you’re starting from scratch! But as I told MyDomaine recently, it’s all about creating an inviting, laid-back glam atmosphere. The sort of place you’re happy to linger into the wee small hours with good friends and good food. Here’s how to create that magic:

HH_001_0018THE TABLE

Since the table takes up the largest amount of space in the room, it’s the place you ought to start. Go curvy if possible – oval tables are particularly good for squeezing into small spaces, and they create a much nicer flow in the room. Also you can squish more people around it if needs be! You don’t have to though – if you don’t have a round table just add in curvy items like mirrors, sculptures or vases to break up all the straight lines.


Photo: Luis Ridao, design by Harries Rees

Think of the table as your LBD and go quite simple here – I’d say it’s not the place for crazy colours or too trendy styles, and you don’t have to spend a ton of money. A well-loved rustic wooden, concrete or zinc topped table, or classic black lacquer or tulip design (like moi) will last you forever. And just like an LBD, it’s all about how you accessorise and dress it up for different occasions…


Design by Miguel García de Valcárcel, source: Nuevo Estilo


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