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On My Radar for the weekend

After a week of super long days, a trip to Germany, not enough fresh air and a few too many take-outs I feel like I need to press the reset button.

Rebounding and a green juice should set me in the right direction. I’ve not exercised for 2 weeks and am having such problems being motivated for working out right now that I need to give myself a serious talking too. I’ve also just purchased a juicer – so I’ll be experimenting with all sorts of juices.


On the agenda for me this weekend is time in the garden and fresh air. With so many odd jobs to do from painting a little shed that Graham installed last weekend in a dark inky hue to planting.  I‘ve a ton of grasses arriving from my favourite nursery Paramount Plants, and as the weather is set to hold it seems like the perfect time to dig in.


I’ll be doubling up on cooking  - big batch things that I can then use throughout the week from maple and lime-roasted squash with lentils, ricotta and basil oil to cold smoked salmon, something I make year round. It’s cured in salt and brown sugar and then cold smoked I serve it with salads, brined capers, dill, pickled onions it’s so delish.


I am food obsessed so I’ll also be hunkering down into the latest Chef’s Table from Netflix as it’s all about cooking over fire. If you haven’t seen it yet watch the Lennox Hastie ep. He is a chef in Surry Hills Sydney who cooks just on wood – incredible.


Other things on my radar include designing our top floor rooms, they have been dumping grounds for way too long with tons of samples and I seriously need to get them sorted so I need to pick curtains, flooring, wardrobes – it’s a job I’ve been putting off for ever!


On Sunday it’s a forest walk with the kids (four legged ones) and brunch at Jolene a restaurant which I am currently obsessed with and we can walk to. Blackboard menus, an open kitchen, lime washed walls, wooden tables and delish earthy food in a super relaxed environment is the name of the game. Oh and they have the best natural wine list.

Happy weekend.

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