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I like traditions – and Christmas ones at that. There are a few we have as a family which I treasure. If I’m hosting, then it’s dawn trips to Borough market in the week leading up to Christmas, and queuing outside Neal’s Yard and Monmouth. The market food shopping is my absolute most favourite thing to do – it feels so festive.

Christmas Eve is at home of course – where else?I tend to veer away from parties and pubs, I much prefer PJs, fires and candlelight. Snuggling up to the M’s on Christmas Eve with a bottle of champers, the carols from Kings College on the radio and later a movie. Does that make me sound super boring? Never mind, it’s what I love!

For Christmas and Boxing Day itself it’s a hook up with all the family and we all go for a stroll in one of the Royal Parks, we know I’m a fan. I come back to cocktails and champagne on the terrace (if it’s warm enough), where I’ll light an outdoor fire and we’ll hover around the Big Green Egg sipping warmed cocktails. The Christmas Dinner is a late lunch, around 3pm. We open swap prezzies, play crazy games – maybe if there is any room left at all, we eat a little bit of Christmas pud. There’s never any TV on, not the Queen’s Speech or anything like that. The M’s will get taken for a final stroll and then the whole thing wraps up with the final present opening!


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