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With summer in full swing I get asked all the time about  tips for  terraces  and patios.  Seems like the terrace causes us the most concern and whilst I’ve covered it to some degree before strolling around town on the weekend  got me to thinking I haven’t covered it quite nearly enough! Here goes!

Take your cue from inside

I take my cue from my inside space, or the space nearest to the garden.  I then connect the two spaces together through either colour and texture or both. For example I’ve got some super sleek plastic white dining chairs and outside some similar more lounge-y chairs, same material same vibe. So repeat a leading colour or texture it ties everything together.  If you can create this connection you’re basically doubling the physical size of the space, it’s the cleverest trick in the book and it’s a game changer!

Warm it up

I think there is a big gap in outdoor furniture.  Is it just me or is the vast majority bad? I know we’ve come on leaps and bounds with rugs and cushions but I think we could go further. If I had the time I would add that to my range but for now I’m constantly dragging out sheepskins or cashmere throws or pillows when the temps drops staying outside as late as I can.


People get a bit scared about using colour in the garden but you’ll see by the images on the slide show that when you add a pop on a wall or by plumping for a piece of furniture in a zingy hue it takes patios to a whole other dimension. Accessorize them like you would your living room with lights, candles, the odd pouf, cushions, lanterns so it feels like this lounge-y cool hang out zone.



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