First things first I wanted to let you guys know that there are a few places left on the very last design masterclasses of the year next weekend if you fancy attending. It’s a fun-packed day at my home in London – we’ll break open the bubbly and talk about how to utterly transform your pad into a place you never want to leave.

Speaking of which I think there are something like only five or six weeks left of this year so we need to get speedy with any decorating plans! I’m not one to follow trends, but I do like a New Year makeover. I think with 2017 fast approaching now is not the time to be shy, or think it won’t work, but to take the plunge, and look forward to a change! And most of all of course when it comes to colour. Here are a few game changers you can paint right now:


Bookcases and shelving units are easy to paint on a Sunday afternoon. You can go two ways here – either go bold in a stand-out intoxicating hue or knock it back by painting the same colour as the walls. Then stand back and admire just how fabulous they look!


If you’re bored of your doors the quickest thing you can do is paint it a snazzy hue. Update the tired looking front door with some high gloss, add a beautiful wreath on top and wham bam, thank you mam looks fabulous! It’s the perfect project to tackle in a weekend

Kelly Wearstler

Kelly Wearstler


Can’t go wrong with a bit of sparkle! Try it out on say a piece of furniture, an alcove, or a backsplash even, as it will catch the light beautifully. Spray paint or gold leaf are fab, and I really like this snazzy metallic paste too – super easy to use and an instant transformation!

COLOUR, Abigail AhernCeilings

One of the single most important things you can do to a space – any space – big, small, old and wonky, new and modern, poky or palatial is to paint the ceiling out the same hue as the walls. I’ve done it in every single room of my pad, without fail, whether the room is painted inky Hudson black, bruised Mulberry red or a punchy Wooster olive. It’s beautiful, and life changing and if you’ve still got a plain white ceiling get up a ladder pronto and fix it!! Here are some creative ceiling ideas to get you inspired.



Why stop at the ceiling? Don’t freak out, but… just paint everything the same hue. Just go for it. This is the most sophisticated transformative amazing thing you can do ever. Floors, ceilings, window frames, doors, and walls it makes for the hugest impact. I’ve banged on about this one a zillion times but that’s because it really works. My number one top paint tip for everybody! This is why I’m so committed to the simple colour palette.

Don’t be afraid to try I say, roll up your selves, grab a brush and get stuck in. By the time 2017 rolls in you’ll have the snazziest house on the block!


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