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Shelf Ideas

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Photography Graham Atkins Hughes

Am a bit of a fan of shelves as I think they add great personality to walls. Whether tucked in alcoves or hung on a feature wall shelving is fabulous for maximizing space. They can be works of art in their own right and look fabulous when accessorised with stacks of books, personal mementos and all sorts of bits and bobs.

The shelf on the left is something I brought from a Ikea – it doubles up as as storage unit housing remote controls, candles and a whole host of other untidy stuff I don’t want on display. I love its simplicity and the fact that its lacquered makes it super sexy and in the evening the light from the candles shimmers and bounces of it. I also love that is rather inexpensive – thank you Ikea.

The shelf on the right is also Ikea but my sister boxed around it with MDF to make her shelf super chunky and galleresq.This adds far greater visual impact I think plus those Ikea floating shelves are so easily recognised these days – its fun to play around with it a bit. Which ever option you choose the greatest fun comes  when you start adding all those personal details. Its a fab weekend DIY project to undertake – your walls like your home will all of sudden start telling a story about you, the lifestyle you lead and the things that you love. You can guess what I will be getting up to this weekend!

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