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Abigail Ahern x Wild Nutrition

A passion for nutrition and the pursuit for high quality supplements to support her daily wellness routine, led Abi to discover 'Wild Nutrition'. A UK based company who create products with purpose, backed by science, and using natural ingredients of exceptional quality. 

A passion for nutrition and the pursuit for high quality supplements to support her daily wellness routine, led Abi to discover 'Wild Nutrition'. A UK based company who create products with purpose, backed by science, and using natural ingredients of exceptional quality. 

A Calming Space


Illuminate in Style


Rest & Relaxation


❝ We harness the power of real, whole food and enrich it with vitamins and minerals. We’ve relied on getting our nutrients from food for centuries. So all we are doing is giving our bodies nutrients they can understand and absorb.❞

Wild Nutrition

Abi's wellness journey.

"In the last 6 months I've really changed my eating habits, I now only eat twice a day and embrace Intermittent Fasting. I try and eat the rainbow as much as possible, having read we need 30 different fruit and veggies a week. As well as exercise and a healthy diet I also use 'Wild Nutrition' supplements to support my body's needs and to ensure I have enough energy each day to tackle this bonkers biz. I love that they're naturally sourced, food-grown supplements rather than synthetic so I'm not popping any unknown nasties and my body will in turn better respond."

De-stress and create a sense of calm in body and home.

Ensuring a healthy mind and body by cultivating a sense of wellness in our living spaces has become a truly important aspect of what home means to us and how we organise, decorate and design our home to support our mental and physical wellbeing.  

Follow Abi's 3 essentials for creating a pad that evokes a sense of calm.

1. Texture - you can never have too many textures in your space as long as you ensure to pare back the palette.  Sumptuous textiles not only look great draped across your favourite accent chair but they feel good too, perfect for those ahhhh moments.

2.Scent - this is a powerful tool to create the right mood, whether you choose something to enliven and energise, an afternoon pick me up like sage, mint or rosemary or a soothing lavender for the evening wind-down. Never underestimate the power of scent.

3.Colour -  another powerful tool depending on the vibe you want to create. A moody mid tone like Hemp or Kelp will set a background that will instantly make your shoulders drop. Of course AA would recommend that you push your chosen hue across the entire room for a space that feels cohesive and blurs the boundaries, no white ceilings here! 

Abi's favourite homeware picks for a calming living space.  

Create a home to destress and evoke a sense of calm.

Up the glow as the (natural)light fades and the darker nights draw in. 

As the darker nights roll in and the temperatures start to drop, start layering up on lighting to create the most cocooning and restorative feeling. AA’s tip is to have a minimum of 8 sources of glow in a room, pepper table lamps throughout at varying heights creating pockets of the most magical ambience! Great lighting turns a room around and feels so relaxing and soul-soothing.

With the winter months approaching, our friends at Wild Nutrition remind us that our wellbeing is more important than ever. As the seasons change, so too do our bodies' nutritional needs, with Vitamin D essential from October through April. During these months, we cannot get our full daily intake from food, which means we need to supplement the rest. Not only does Vitamin D play a major biological role in our circadian rhythm - which regulates our sleep and waking cycles, it also supports bone and muscle health, and our immune systems too. With cold and flu season upon us, now's the time to strengthen our defences for a season of wellbeing. 

Abi's favourite illuminators for a glowing living space.  

Create pockets of soothing glow as the nights draw in. 

Getting a Good Night's Rest.

One commonality that we share is that we are all cyclical beings, meaning that our every day is influenced by cycles, from our circadian cycle (our sleep-wake cycle), to the rhythm of the seasons. Therefore our physical, mental and emotional requirements can ebb and flow according to the time of the day, month or year. Getting a good's night rest is a crucial part of our wellbeing so our bedroom needs to be somewhere we can retreat, revive and restore.  

Abi's tips for creating a bedroom that promotes a good nights rest.

1. Treat your night-time haven like your living room, create vignettes, add art and adorn your walls with accessories.

2. Layer the bed with throws, blankets and cushions in a mix of contrasting textures

3. Be clever with storage to create a clutter-free space that’s serene and calm.

The experts at Wild Nutrition recommend the use of herbs such as Ashwagandha that have been traditionally used to support energy and nourish organs that may be negatively affected by stress, so it’s a great herb to supplement for anyone feeling pressured or worn out. While magnesium is commonly used as a 'soothing and calming' mineral in the evening or before bedtime. 

Abi's bedroom picks for a restful and relaxing retreat.  

Creating a space to support a good nights sleep. 

About Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition are the experts in women’s nutritional health, providing naturally-sourced, Food-Grown supplements formulated by women for women and backed by science. They're a company that are deep rooted in expertise with a deep respect for nature, creating products with purpose, and using natural ingredients of exceptional quality. 

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