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How to have confidence in your own style (Part One)

Whatever style your home is, it should feel like a place free from rules and authority, where you can do whatever you like.  I know that when I get home and put the key in the lock, I enter a space that calms me, inspires me and makes me feel a whole lot happier.  Like I’ve escaped into my own universe and my home is a reflection of my interior self.    My goal is to really give you the confidence to create a home that reflects you, by balancing colours, patterns, rich fabrics, textures and furnishings and accessories.

Research, research, research

Start by taking time to familiarise yourself with different looks.  Grab tear sheets, create moodboards, have a sketchbook, a folder, a box.  Gather up images of any house crushes you have from magazines, pinterest etc.  Look to hotels or restaurants that you admire, anything that just makes your heartbeat a little faster and that you feel a connection with.  Before long a common thread will start to appear,  giving you a starting point for a decorative scheme.   Ask yourself questions.  Designers ask questions ALL the time.  It’s a great way to understand how you want the space to feel.  So start with taking a walk through your home  and ask yourself the following:

What stands out, what catches your eye

Are your walls too plain?

What colours do you like?

What pieces do you love?

What colours do you like?

What styles are you drawn to?

Do you have any hobbies, activities or collections that you would like to factor into your scheme?

Any collections or things that you love from your travels to animals, to a love of pottery can be woven in.  Meaningful objects that tell a story of who you are signal that your pad is more about the people than the objects.

Lose the fear

People don’t often decorate  in a cool fashion because they are scared they will fail.  Don’t be scared and face the fear of making mistakes, it will guide you on all sorts of incredible journeys.  When you decorate differently and break boundaries, it becomes addictive.  It’s easy to play it safe, but the trouble with taking the safe route is that it doesn’t allow you to inject personality into your home.   Just remember to take it slow.  Decorating isn't like fashion, you can’t simply take back a kitchen because you don’t like it, so don’t rush into things, take your time and enjoy the journey.

Create Harmony

Whatever your style, you need to think of your pad in its totality.  All the rooms connect so the design and decor should seamlessly flow.  You could  repeat a colour in a different way in different rooms.  Use a similar colour palette throughout.  I go for three to four hues in slightly different shades or finishes.  It’s a great way of creating harmonious unity.

Planning is everything

I know this sounds super ‘interior design’ but if you want to create a personality-packed home consider drawing up a floor plan.  Floor plans allow you to look at the bones of a room and will help you decide what to highlight (for example a fireplace or a window) and what to hide (radiators or the TV).  They may sound boring but floor plans are pretty essential when it comes to designing a room.   They help you work out how to make the space as cohesive and open as possible.

Consider your emotions

I always design each and every space in my own house around a mood or emotion.  I continually ask myself how I want to feel in each room.  Your decorating choices totally affect your emotions and how you feel in a space, the colour on your walls can make you feel relaxed or if you don’t get it quite right, anxious. 

Avoid Themes

Themes are to be avoided if you can.  The trouble with theming (and it’s a very easy thing to fall into) is that your space will look like it’s just popped out of the pages of a catalogue and won’t read as a true reflection of who you are, therefore risking it being devoid of an emotional connection.  You wan’t your interior to emit warmth, personality and individuality.

In short, your home should be a personal expression of who you are and represent the way you want to live.  Reflecting your personal connection to the world.

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