20 Jul


The bathroom can be an odd place to decorate. For some it is the last place of escape in the home. However, it is the only room in my pad, which still has a lock on the door, providing a retreat from the constant whirl of modern living. For me, the bathroom is a place that should be stylish with as many indulgences of a spa as possible. But it takes more than Aesop soap or fluffy white towels to create such a calm and serene space. Setting the scene with the right lighting is the secret to creating a...
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27 Sep


I’ve been dreaming about bathrooms so much recently, as I’m on a mission to revamp mine soon. Hopefully whenever I can get a bit of head space on it! I know what I want – basically a tropical paradise like the picture above! So rip out a window, install a roof garden, tadelakt the whole place. I can’t stop thinking about it but it’s just not exactly the cheapest, simplest bathroom makeover – hence the constantly putting it off. I’ve been told to tone down my makeover plans a bit, that it’s too extreme blah blah… but personally I think we should all...
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07 Apr


Bathrooms are usually the most neglected rooms when people do up their homes. Generally so sterile and boring, dull as ditchwater. Luckily there’s a really quick fix for boring bathrooms – pretend it’s another room! I decorate my bathroom as I would my living room, and don’t worry about using “conventional” bathroom furniture. As soon as you get away from that, the more fab and exciting your bathroom will become. Light candles, have a cosy chair to curl up in, decorate with rugs, plants and artwork. You can definitely shop your home for this, so plunder things that would normally belong in other...
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