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We all know the feeling when you get sick of your surroundings and tired of seeing the same things day in day out - the lack of inspiration is real and even I feel this sometimes. The ideal situation is to give your home a complete revamp, however I know this isn’t always do-able because of time, money or practicality; so here are my tips on small changes you can make to bring back life into your pad.

Making over a first time apartment

Revamping the colour palette, adding some cool flooring, lighting, blinds and oodles of other stuff to turn a first time empty apartment around.

Colour risks to try before next year!

Adding colour to your home is the easiest most transformative trick in the book. Try one of these colour risks before the year ends and you'll have on your hands the coolest pad on the planet!

My fail safe approach to decorating with bold hues

Taking the mystery out of decorating with punchy shots of colour

Creating Stylish Homes on a Budget

Decorating ideas to reinvigorate your home

The most transformative decorating tricks ever!

5 game changers that turn rooms from drab to fab!

Figuring Out Your Colour Palette

Tips on how to work out the best colour palette for your home, from shopping your wardrobe to thinking outside of the box!

Tips for nabbing the coolest flea market treasures around

Go scruffy, think outside the box, arrive arrive early and edit your eye! PLUS my list of the coolest flea markets around the world!

Instant Decorating Ideas

Speedy super quick decorating ideas that will instantly upgrade your pad in less that half a day!


Paint colours you guys love. Beige's been banished and dark, inky, swampy hues coupled with some look a me brights rule!

A Trend Worth Following

How to create a home library that takes your space to the next level!