• How to Arrange your Faux Flowers

    to create a versatile and everlasting display.

  • Follow our step by step guide to help you create a natural gathering that will add a touch of botanical magic to your pad.

Step One - Consider the type of Arrangement you would like to create.

Gather your stems that you are going to use for your arrangement.  For a mixed arrangement this should be a good mix of foliage, seedheads and flowers.  It's not essential to work in odd numbers but if you are new to arranging this will help to give your arrangement some symmetry.

Consider where you are going to display them, will they be in the middle of a table? In which case you will need to ensure that your arrangement looks good all the way round and not too tall, or if you are placing it on a mantle, you will need to make an arrangement that is front facing so that none of your beautiful blooms are hidden from view. 

Tip: Front facing arrangements are a little more budget friendly as they require less stems.

Step Two - What Vase will you use?

The narrower the neck of your vase the easier it is to arrange the flowers, but try not to mirror the dimensions of the vase with your arrangement.

Your arrangement should complement the colours and dimensions of your vase but ensure it is wider, shorter or taller to intrigue the eye.

Florist's Tip

With a wider neck vase, create a grid with tape over the opening (typically florist’s tape but you can also use a strong sellotape).  This will help to hold your stems in place while you arrange them.

Step Three: Preparing your Stems

You may need to adjust the size of your stems for your arrangement.

Wired stems make it easy to bend to the correct size and if you have an opaque vase bent stems will be disguised and may even act as an arranging tool in helping to  hold your other stems in place.

 If your stems are going to be on view, you can cut them to the desired length with some wire cutters or take some sharp scissors and score around the stem (don’t try and cut all the way through the stem), then simply bend backwards and forwards until the wire snaps. 

Step Four: Arranging

Start by adding your greenery and foliage first, this gives you a nice framework.

Then add your hero/larger blooms followed by any smaller ones to complement.

Finish by adding some seedheads and/or grasses to balance your arrangement or to add more height/width.

Florist's Tip

 If you’re using grasses such as pampas, spraying hairspray on them can help to reduce natural shedding.

How to Care for your Everlasting Arrangement.

- Gently wipe your stems with a soft dry cloth.

- Blow them gently, either using a hairdryer on the coolest lowest setting or by using a small manual air dust blower that are widely used for camera lenses or keyboards etc. 

- Ensure that your arrangement is not placed in direct sunlight as this may fade the colours of the flowers.

Your arrangement will last forever and any flowers or stems can be repurposed into new or updated arrangements, to reflect the changing of the seasons or celebrations. 

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