7 things every room needs

Before I start today’s post I would just like to thank everyone for all their fabulous comments about my new book cover. I was a tad worried to say the least to launch an interiors book on colour with no image on the front, purely cool font, but I really wanted this book to feel different from anything else out there. And it really is – wait until you see inside!  I think it’s the coolest interiors book ever, if I dare say so myself! Luckily I’m extremely fortunate to have a publisher that doesn’t bang on about the commercial side of things. Like me, the great team at Quadrille believe that you don’t always have to follow what’s already out there to get good sales – you can stand out, do your own thing and people will get it, like you guys have done. So thank you so much, we are all so very delighted!

Down to biz… have you ever looked at one of your rooms and thought “hmm something’s missing” but you can’t quite put your finger on what? Well if so, I have pinpointed the design essentials that take a room from being merely great to being fabulous. In no particular order:

Little Tables

Overdose on them. I have occasional tables and stools dotted everywhere, in front of sofas as coffee tables, by the side of chairs ready for your drink or your book, on landings to create a quick vignette – all over. I would also say to opt for round tables, that way you break up all the straight lines in a room and instantly create a nicer flow to the space. Clever no? My favourite is our new drum coffee table. I wanted to design something that felt cool and a little edgy at the same time.












I am a little obsessed with consoles/sideboards I’ve got them everywhere and in almost every room. Flanking walls, under windows you name it and I use them for everything. For doubling up as a bar if there’s a crowd, to displaying cool stuff like plants and recipe books, I adore them.

Leggy pieces

In order for rooms to feel visually intriguing you have to counteract any boxy-style furniture such as chests, trucks, sofas etc with leggy pieces. People tend to forget to mix both styles up, but it makes a huge difference to a room. You don’t need many either, just a few gorgeous leggy pieces to counteract the boxy aspect!


Nothing makes me happier than stepping onto a cushy comfortable rug, and they improve absolutely any space. I have them in every room from my hallway to bedroom, studio to dining. They pull a room together, give it life, balance it out, add an edge on and on I could go!


The 5-minute face-lift of the decorating world I call them. You could say rugs should be under this section but I have separated out as both are so important. Textiles like cushions, throws and sheepskins turn rooms into comfortable hang-out zones. Draped across sofas and chairs they add colour, drama, intrigue, they’re the ultimate update for bedrooms – key players for every room. You know whenever you stumble across a photo of a staged showhome and it always looks so sterile? The reason is lack of textiles every single time!

Abi_Colls01_019_0422 Abbi019_0398











All rooms need an element of drama. Could be a moody paint colour, an oversized chandelier, or a theatrical vase. These are pieces that the eye automatically zooms to, and lift the whole space.


As we all know lighting is one of the most transformative things you can do to any room, period. You need at least 8 light sources in a room, I know that sounds a lot but think about the vibe you get in a beautiful library or gentleman’s drinking club, little pools of light softly glowing.

I’m off to hit the pool, have a lovely day x


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